Engage with both individual and small groups to help identify, create, and implement strategies that will provide greater fulfillment in all areas of their life including career, personal and professional relationships, health & wellbeing, and personal development. Through this partnership, clients evaluate their core values and develop their own unique purpose statement that guides them to a life of true meaning.


Team Development – Collaborate with new and existing teams to help them establish a strong foundation built on trust and transparency. Client teams participate in discussion and hands-on exercises that ultimately leads to action based on accountability to one another.

Strategic Planning – Work with both small and large-size departments and organizations to guide towards creating or revising their overall strategy using a variety of interactive methods. Emphasis is placed on designing performance metrics to evaluate the organization’s long-term success.

HR Consulting - Partner with leadership to develop a framework to align human resource initiatives with the strategic goals of the organization. Services include performing audits of the overall HR function and review of existing processes and systems (e.g., performance evaluations, job analysis, employee relations) to produce greater efficiencies and employee engagement.

Workshop and Seminar Facilitation

With 20+ years of experience as a corporate trainer, management consultant, and professor, I partner with clients to develop individual workshops and leadership seminars to align with the needs of the organization and their employees.

*All workshops, except for The Purpose Playbook and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, are designed for up to four-hour programs.

Among the most requested titles include:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Habits are powerful forces in our lives. They determine our level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness. This eight-hour program is designed to help participants lead lives in a truly effective way. This program represents a proven process of personal and interpersonal growth that can have an immediate and lasting impact.

The Purpose Playbook –This six-hour program guides participants to create their own unique purpose through experiential learning tactics by discovering their strengths, passions, and values leading to greater fulfillment. Once a purpose has been established, participants create an action plan focused on both short-term and long-term goals

Containing Chaos Through Energy Leadership – This workshop explores how our overly-digitized lifestyles have created a lack of focus and direction. Today’s work has be reduced to lengthy meetings, countless emails, and endless interruptions. When we have time for actual work, it’s “surface level” at best. Participants will develop strategies to shift their habits and energy levels to help eliminate distractions to be more productive in all areas of their lives.

The Five Components to Healthy Dialogue - Participants will assess their “Style Under Stress” and play active roles in learning a communication method that will limit aggressiveness and defensiveness and focus more on healthy motives to build and strengthen meaningful relationships.

The Power of Coaching - Leaders frequently underestimate their role as coaches to their team members. In this session, participants are introduced to several useful coaching techniques that will help to immediately create rapport and allow team members to serve as effective contributors.

Discovering Your Team’s Natural Tendencies – Using the Everything DiSC model, individuals will identify their personality traits while learning how to work most effectively with other styles. Through guided discussion, team members identify the value and limitations of their “natural tendencies” and are able to tap into the strengths of the other styles to be more effective in their roles. Participants leave the workshop having a stronger appreciation for the differences each individual brings to the team.

Individual Assessments

*Participants who complete the assessment will receive one-hour of coaching to review the results and devise tactics to immediately implement at home, work, and the community.

Everything DiSC – Individual leaders and team members complete this assessment, which provides a thorough report of how they “show up” in the workplace and beyond.

Energy Leadership Index –This assessment informs individuals of how they engage during both normal and stressful circumstances resulting in a greater level of awareness to help strengthen key relationships.